Nett Ivory Pillow With Feather With Insert-23"X23"

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Product Information

Name:  Nett Ivory Pillow With Feather With Insert-23"X23"
Dimensions: 23.00"W X 8.00"D X 23.00"H
Material: Cotton/polyester blend
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Charlotte C

1 out of 5 stars

Thu Jan 27 2022
I bought 2 of these and really want to love them, but there must be an error in production because the pillow cases are way too large for the pillows they come with. They look saggy and ill fitting. These are priced way too high to have this kind of issue.


1 out of 5 stars

Wed Jul 07 2021
I bought 2 of these as throw pillows for my sectional couch and at first they looked great! I was attracted to the oversized/lounge-y look they provided as well as the softness of the fabric. However, after owning these for 3 months now, the inserts, which are simply too small for the size of the pillow case, have completely misshapened and deflated. No amount of fluffing and manipulating can restore these to their original shape and fullness. I have had very positive experiences with all my other CB2 purchases so I am quite disappointed in the quality here and wish I could return them.