Cameo Indigo Storage Bookcase with Full Crown

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Product Information

Name:  Cameo Indigo Storage Bookcase with Full Crown
Dimensions: 30.00"W X 15.00"D X 77.00"H
Material: engineered wood
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5 out of 5 stars

Thu Dec 16 2021
I got two of the Cameo full crown storage bookcases in indigo. The color is very bold and they stand out a great deal. I am sure the red and black would be quite bold as well and they would make a statement in any color. They are pretty well crafted and made of real wood. These are the types of bookshelves where the books are kind of recessed in there but that is fine with me. I had to unpack and put on the base and crown but it was not very difficult--definitely want two people for the job though. Took forever to get these, like ten months, and it was a bit of a hassle getting them actually delivered to my door, but they are very nice and worth the wait.