Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

Are you looking to create a perfect and cozy living room? If yes - Scandinavian home décor is the perfect muse. This design is warm, welcoming, and comforting, sleek and modern, a perfect amalgamation for millennials. Our interior designers at Spacejoy focus on textures and light, airy hues - a design with decor that perfectly lightens up any living space, no matter how big or small the room's size. Scandinavian is a sister to minimalism – focusing on what is essential and clean-lined that doesn’t bring in clutter. A Scandinavian living room boasts white walls, a neutral heavy pallet with just pops of color, natural textures like wood and stone, carpets, no-fuss layouts, and bare wooden floors. Some of our Scandinavian collections also focus on painted brick walls with rough textures and large windows welcoming natural light. Here is our collection page, which features some of our favorite Scandinavian-inspired living rooms.

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