A Bohemian Patio & Dining For Candle-Lit Dinners


This outdoor dining and living room is perfect for summer nights. Keeping in mind - entertainment and family gatherings, we’ve added multiple functions, dining, and lounging to this deck. The two areas are separate but connected in style and layout. The dining room features a Portside outdoor dining table from West Elm, accompanied by Wayfair knotted chairs. It offers a fresh new contemporary look that is frankly unparalleled for an outdoor design. Moving on to the outdoor living room, we’ve kept it simple and stylish – a robin blue Trevion extendable patio sofa governs the space, and a ton of cushions added to the sofa bring texture and contrast. Candles are placed in every niche to bring warmth and create a soft ambiance. Finally, incandescent string lights are added to the ceiling to draw attention and create an inviting atmosphere for parties, events, or just relaxing at home.

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