Mid-Century Modern Living Room With Black Accent Wall

With a harmonious blend of function and aesthetics, the mid-century modern living room is a testament to timeless design. Anchoring the space is the bold black accent wall, creating a dramatic backdrop that highlights the vibrant green sectional. This centerpiece is not only a nod to classic mid-century hues but also offers a lush, inviting area for relaxation and social gatherings. The room's gallery wall is a curated mix of modern and abstract art, featuring geometric shapes and playful lines that echo the era's artistic leanings. The inclusion of a Picasso-inspired dog sketch adds a touch of whimsical charm, bridging the gap between high art and home comfort. Strategically placed around the room are mid-century staples such as the Lento Teres Tan Lounge Chair and the Amoeba Wild Walnut Wide Coffee Table, their clean lines, and rich wood tones add warmth to the chic black and white color palette. Overhead, dimmable track lighting casts a soft glow, enhancing the overall ambiance. Office essentials, like the Dell monitor and the Spacejoy TV, are seamlessly integrated into the design, demonstrating that work and leisure can coexist beautifully. The standing desk provides a versatile workspace, complementing the Sting Tufted Swivel Office Chair, which adds a touch of vegan luxury. Accents in brown and orange punctuate the space with energy and personality. From the quilted velvet lumbar pillow adding texture to the sectional to the soapstone knot sculpture offering an organic touch, these elements are carefully selected to enrich the room's visual narrative. Functional pieces like the Posner TV stand and lateral filing cabinet merge utility with style, while decorative items like the Louis Vuitton book and the Crackle Glazed Ceramic Totem Vases contribute to the room's cultivated look. The counter stools offer a casual dining or work perch, stylishly completing the multi-use space. This living room, with its thoughtful fusion of color, form, and function, invites one to indulge in the comfort of home while being surrounded by design that's both nostalgic and decidedly modern.

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We wanted some ideas on designing and decorating our baby nursery! After researching, we decided to work with Spacejoy and boy! am I glad we did! The designer designed out entire space in 3D. We could see how the products looked in our space and what we didn’t like, the designer found alternatives for, all within our budget!

Erica & Kaleb

Salt Lake City, Utah

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