Mid Century Modern Living Room With A Pop Of Teal


Step into our beautiful mid-century modern living room and you'll be transported to a world of clean lines, natural materials, and a pop of teal that takes the space to the next level. The cream white walls create a light and airy feel, providing a perfect backdrop for the furniture and decor. The seating area features a comfortable gray sofa and two lounge chairs with sleek wooden legs. The teal and multi-colored pillow adds a playful touch to the space, while the cotton velvet pillow in a similar shade of teal adds some texture and depth. To add more personality to the space, we have integrated some accent pieces, such as the pieced leather pillow cover that features a mix of teal and natural leather tones. The coffee table and side table are made of natural wood and have a minimalist design that complements the mid-century modern aesthetic. We have also incorporated some greenery into the space, which adds some life and color. The monstera deliciosa plant in an Acadia planter is a stunning addition to the space, and the faux eucalyptus in a black ceramic planter adds some texture and depth. The TV area features a beautiful teak TV cupboard with a simple, modern design that complements the mid-century modern aesthetic. Above the TV cupboard, there are ten gallery black picture frames with white mats, which add some contrast and make the space feel more dynamic. The window treatments in this space are simple and elegant. The hemp white curtain panels provide privacy and filter the natural light, while the black onyx frame adds some contrast and visual interest. This mid-century modern living room with a pop of teal is a perfect example of how to use color to transform a space. We have incorporated teal accents throughout the space in a way that feels playful and cohesive. The result is a space that feels warm, inviting, and stylish.

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Erica & Kaleb

Salt Lake City, Utah

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