Starry Night: Modern Kid's Bedroom


This kid's bedroom is filled with magic and stars, but it's also functional and has plenty of space for playtime. To start, we'll ground the room with the huggable rug you loved. Next, we'll add in two metal twin bed frames from Crate and Barrel. These frames sit fairly low to the ground, which is a safe option for little ones. The stars peel and stick wallpaper behind the beds add depth to the room, make it look bigger, and make the room look that much special. Plug-in sconces near the bed will add in reading light, the paper moon can act as a night light or just a fun feature, and the spaceship table light is functional. A dresser in-between the two beds acts both as a divider and useful for storage while also giving the kids some sense of privacy. Overall, this is a simple kids bedroom that will grow with your kids for years.

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