Kids Bedroom with Green Accent Wall

For this design, the kids' bedroom is given a vibrant and modern touch with a green accent wall. Upon entering, the focal point is the plush bed centered against the green wall, which provides a calming backdrop. The bed is adorned with soft, peach-colored bedding that contrasts beautifully with the wall, adding a pop of color while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. Above the bed, a map artwork adds a playful and educational element to the room. To the right of the bed, a sleek nightstand with a contemporary lamp ensures that bedtime stories and essentials are within easy reach. Adjacent to the nightstand, a large, modern floor lamp illuminates the room softly, perfect for late-night reading or creating a serene ambiance. The opposite side of the room features a multifunctional desk and a bookcase. Positioned to take advantage of natural light from the window, this setup maximizes space and provides a dedicated area for studying and creativity. The desk's natural wood finish complements the room's earthy tones, while the integrated bookcase offers ample storage for books, toys, and decorative items. A comfortable, orange chair at the desk adds a lively touch, enhancing the room's vibrant color scheme. Above the desk, a shelf displays a few carefully selected items, making the most of the vertical space without overcrowding the area. On the adjacent wall, a white dresser provides additional storage, keeping the room tidy and organized. Decorative accents, such as a geometric wall art piece and a potted plant, add personality and style to the space. The room's layout ensures an even and harmonious look, with enough open space for movement and play.

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We decided to give Spacejoy a try and so glad we did. Couldn’t be happier with how our room turned out.

I absolutely loved working with Spacejoy! From the 3D renders to the personalized 1:1 moments working with my designer, the whole experience was great. My designer understood what I wanted and created a design that makes my space look amazing. Can’t wait to work with Spacejoy for the other rooms!


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