Mid-Century Modern Office and Exercise Room


Nestled in a haven of Mid-Century flair and earth tones, this space effortlessly marries functionality with aesthetics. The Kendall Walnut Desk from Crate And Barrel stands as a testament to timeless design, complimented by the contrasting white and green tones on the walls. Floating above the desk is the Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf from West Elm, providing both storage and style. Adjacent to the work area, a Faux Green Leaf Tree from Pottery Barn rests in the Shore White Stone Indoor/Outdoor Planter from CB2, emphasizing the green tones that are softly echoed throughout the room. This is further enhanced by the Latiff Autumn Rug by ruggable, which adds a dash of warmth and color underfoot. Illumination is key in any space. Two additional LED lamps, the Wood And Ceramic Table Lamp and the Linear Metal LED Floor Lamp both from West Elm, not only brighten the room but also accentuate its lighting theme. These lamps provide an ambient glow, ensuring that the space is adequately lit for both work and exercise. Seating solutions are both chic and comfortable. The Rosie Upholstered Accent Chair from Wayfair provides a cozy corner for breaks or reading. The chair is perfectly paired with the Narro Black Side Table from Article, where one can rest a cup of coffee from the Mill Stoneware Mug Set by West Elm. Overhead, the Valley Green II artwork by June Erica Vess, wrapped in canvas, serves as a visual focal point. Touches of luxury are scattered throughout. The Louis Vuitton The Birth of Modern Luxury Coffee Table Book from Pottery Barn sits proudly on display, while cherished memories can be framed in the Gallery Brass Frame With White Mat from CB2 and the Darrow Marble Pinstripe Picture Frame from Wayfair. No modern office is complete without ergonomic seating. The Deacon Swivel Office Chair from West Elm offers both comfort and mobility, ensuring one remains productive. For those looking to blend exercise into their routine, a Customer Treadmill from Spacejoy is tactfully integrated into the room's design. Lastly, the space showcases its modernity with essential tech - a sleek monitor from Spacejoy, flanked by an Ivy Plant 2, ensuring that the wooden tones and greenery blend seamlessly. This Mid-Century Modern Office and Exercise Room truly stands as a paragon of design that caters to both work and wellness.

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I loved the design my designer created. It was warm and cozy all at once. I’ve already bought the table in the design.

I love my design! It feels warm and cozy even with the amount of grey that is currently in there. I’ve wanted that rug for a while sp seeing it used it in the design helped me make my mind up. I have already bought the coffee table and plan on buying the rest too. This design is everything I was looking for.

Trinity Harding

Columbus, Georgia

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