Industrial Transitional Home Office with Two Workspaces


The Industrial Transitional Home Office blends functionality and style with a dual workspace design, perfect for collaborative creativity or peaceful productivity. Anchoring the space, the Thorndale Desk from Pottery Barn sits regally against the window, its rustic desk surface offering ample room for ideas to flourish under the natural light. The clever positioning not only maximizes the view but also leaves space for an adjacent reading nook, where the Lige Upholstered Fabric Armchair invites a moment of repose, complemented by the soft glow of the Flynn Recycled Glass Plug-In Sconce. Opposite, the second workspace maintains symmetry with identical office ergonomic task chairs, providing comfortable seating for extended sessions of focus. Here, open shelving reaches new heights of sophistication with the Stairway Black Cabinet from CB2, a statement piece that merges industrial edge with sleek, contemporary lines, offering both visual appeal and practical storage solutions. Texture and warmth are introduced through the Brandt Oriental Beige Rug from Wayfair, its subtle design grounding the space and defining the work areas. Overhead, the Leap Black Floor Lamp from Article arches with purpose, casting an illuminating presence over the proceedings. No detail is too small in this thoughtfully curated environment: from the natural wood sculpture that adds an organic touch, to the potted faux eucalyptus and trailing succulent plant bringing in a sense of the outdoors. The Destan Travertine Sculpture on Stand and the collection of metal ring objects intersperse modern artistry with classic elegance. Books, like The Architectural Digest: A Century of Style, not only serve as intellectual fodder but also as decorative elements, their spines offering a spectrum of colors and textures that enliven the space. The handcrafted Tylese Ceramic Table Vase and Asher Ceramic Vase add artisanal charm, while the Ophelia Matte White Round Vase provides a sculptural focal point. Each element of this home office, from the pieced suede pillow cover to the Foundations Trays, has been selected for both its aesthetic and its function, creating a space that is at once industrially inspired and warmly welcoming—a perfect transitional melding of form and purpose.

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We truly loved working with the Spacejoy team

I have zero design skills so working with a top Spacejoy designer to transform our master bedroom was exactly what we needed. The designs were stunning and being able to see our room transformed in 3D made it so easy for us to decide what we wanted. Thank you Spacejoy for this wonderful experience!

Caroline Sferruzzo

Raleigh, NC

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