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Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas

Hand-Picked Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas Collection

Frequently asked questions about this design style

Q. What is the design elements of farmhouse design?
Farmhouse design elements feature, covered porches, large doors, whitewashed walls, big kitchens, and exposed wood which are the most classic components of the farmhouse design style. There are many other elements to the style as well which include sinks with legs, galvanized tubs, and plentiful mason jars which throw in a powerful country feel to a home.
Q. How to decorate a bedroom in farmhouse style?
If you are looking for ideas to create a farmhouse style bedroom, lets start with by celebrating the union of traditional décor with contemporary. Use found objects, antiques, or old-timey memorabilia elements to decorate a farmhouse bedroom. Shiplap walls are a hallmark of farmhouse style, so panel your walls with this wood in white hue. Remember, repurposing and recycling are ways of life on the farm, and that outlook extends to the bedroom décor too. Layer a quilt over the bed and throw in a few soft white pillows. Lastly, instead of an arm chair, a rocking chair should do the trick to seal the deal of a farmhouse décor.
Q. What color bedroom paint goes with farmhouse style?
Picking the right neutral paint color is an important first step to achieving the perfect farmhouse bedroom style. Whites, grays, and beiges are the foundation of farmhouse bedroom colors, so don’t hesitate to blend in these color palettes to your space.
Q. What kind of curtains complement to farmhouse bedroom?
You might start with the dark or bold shades as your base layer and add sheer curtains in a neutral color. White is popular, but you could also opt for a beige or gray neutral, without a sheer top layered curtain.
Q. What style rug looks good in a farmhouse bedroom?
Never underestimate the power of a plain and simple jute rug, especially if you want to design it into farmhouse. Jute is our favorite and our first choice, as it is modern, cozy, simple, soft, and easy on the eyes. Rugs placed in a modern farmhouse bedroom should be soft for the feet, and a warm color with a nubby texture to add to the warm ambiance. In general, woven rugs too are prime for a farmhouse bedroom, since they handmade evoking the simple farmhouse style.
Q. What are the best furniture choices of farm house bedroom?
Two pieces of furniture you’ll often find in the farmhouse bedroom are a four-poster bed and a traditional wooden rocking chair. Old wooden chairs which are recreated to a nightstand table. Old purpose ladders which are transformed into a bookcase for avid readers. You can also add a wicker basket as a chest for extra storage in the bedroom. Lastly, since oversized furniture is the best to create a rustic look to a farmhouse bedroom, you can opt for bed frames, wardrobes to oversized bed benches.
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