Contemporary Bathroom with Double Vanity


Immerse yourself in the serenity of this contemporary bathroom with a double vanity. The space is anchored by a substantial double vanity crafted from warm wood, creating a natural focal point. Above, twin Wylie Arched Mirrors from McGee & Co. reflect the calm, neutral palette of the walls, enhancing the feeling of space and light. Function meets elegance with the champagne bronze fixtures that catch the eye—towel rings, a towel bar, and sleek single-handle faucets add a touch of understated luxury, harmonizing with the vanity lamps that emit a soft, welcoming glow. The brass accents resonate with sophistication, further echoed by the premium single-setting slide bar hand shower, bringing an indulgent touch to the daily ritual of rejuvenation. The practicality of the space is elevated with the inclusion of a dual flush elongated one-piece toilet, its clean lines complimenting the minimalist aesthetic. For an added sense of comfort, plush White Morgan Memory Foam Bath Mats from Pottery Barn lie underfoot, their crisp whiteness contrasting the rich wood tones. Life flourishes even in this restful retreat with the addition of a ZZ plant from The Sill, its verdant leaves breathing vitality into the room. Moments of relaxation are deepened by the subtle aroma of the Fragra Scented Jar Candle from Wayfair, its fragrance lingering gently in the air. Every detail is considered for both comfort and visual appeal, from the Mason Jar Soap and Lotion Dispenser providing a homespun touch, to the soft texture of an Organic Cotton Waffle Slate Bath Towel from Crate and Barrel. Each element in this bathroom works in concert to create a space that is seen and felt, a sanctuary that embodies contemporary living at its finest.

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We wanted some ideas on designing and decorating our baby nursery! After researching, we decided to work with Spacejoy and boy! am I glad we did! The designer designed out entire space in 3D. We could see how the products looked in our space and what we didn’t like, the designer found alternatives for, all within our budget!

Erica & Kaleb

Salt Lake City, Utah

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