Rustic Traditional Dining Room with Wall Mirror

For this Rustic Traditional dining room design, we started with a robust oak dining table at its heart, designed to comfortably seat eight. This piece sets the tone with its light natural finish and simple, sturdy construction, inviting a mix of both family meals and formal gatherings. Surrounding the table is a set of chairs with woven rattan backs and soft cushioned seats. The space is grounded by a richly patterned oriental rug, adding a splash of color and texture that contrasts beautifully with the wood tones of the furniture. Above, a sleek, black geometric chandelier provides a modern counterpoint to the more traditional elements below. To enhance the sense of space and light, a large round mirror hangs on one wall, reflecting the natural light from the adjacent windows dressed in light, airy curtains. Completing the design, spots of greenery bring a touch of the outdoors inside, enhancing the room's natural feel with a few carefully chosen plants.

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I loved the design my designer created. It was warm and cozy all at once. I’ve already bought the table in the design.

I love my design! It feels warm and cozy even with the amount of grey that is currently in there. I’ve wanted that rug for a while sp seeing it used it in the design helped me make my mind up. I have already bought the coffee table and plan on buying the rest too. This design is everything I was looking for.

Trinity Harding

Columbus, Georgia

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