Coastal Living Room Design Ideas

A coastal living room is airy and inviting because of its white linen sofas, natural fibers, and weathered woods.

This design has soft and natural color palettes with plenty of sandy, ivory neutrals and shades of blue that resemble the sea. The interior designers at Spacejoy also weave in other earthy tones of greens, pinks, and yellows to bring in that extra splash of color and character to space.

In our collection of coastal living room designs, the layout is casual and geared toward conversational seating, balanced with an exceptionally clean aesthetic - where your eyes will feast on armchairs made of rattan, and cane lounge seats.

We also weave in natural materials throughout the coastal living room like that of rattan side tables, mosaic coffee tables with a finish reminiscent of seashells, rope-wrapped table lamps, and of course, woven pendant lights.

If you are ready to bring that coastal vibe to your living room, swim through our collection page.

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