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Coastal Living Room Design Ideas

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Frequently asked questions about this design style

Q. What is a coastal living room?
A coastal living room features a palette of nautical blues and dune-grass greens. The airy and inviting space is decorated with soothing hues, seaside accessories - like beach glass and seashells, and seagrass furnishings.
Q. How do I make my house look Coastal?
To implement that coastal look into your home – Paint the walls white. Then choose a mix of comfy, casual, and carefree furniture like an adirondack chairs or cane lounge chairs. Add in plenty of coastal-inspired accessories like nautical flags, anchor cushions and throws. Wake your walls up with ocean scenes and seascape paintings. And lastly, feel free to introduce shiplap panelling to bring in a feature wall in your living room.
Q. What is modern coastal design?
Modern coastal design is inspired by organic colors and textures of nature. The design includes light woods, baskets, natural fiber rugs, and easy-care fabrics like cotton and linen.
Q. How do I make my room look beachy?
To make your room look beachy and airy – introduce wicker baskets, sisal rugs, rustic wood tones, driftwood, and cedar shingles. These natural elements not only give your room a waterside feel but also adds character and fun to your space. The recent coastal accessory many are tripping on is that ‘bamboo shades’.
Q. How can I decorate my living room?
To make your living room look beachy, invite that natural sunlight in. Add a console table in reclaimed wood to the middle of the living room and let it take center stage over a blue and white shag rug. You can either have a shiplap wall as a focal point or you can wake the walls with oceanic art frames. Lastly, opt for blue colored upholstered couches with throws in sea prints.
Q. Is coastal a casual theme?
Yes, the coastal design is a casual theme because it is easy, breezy and fun.
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