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Coastal Bedroom Design Ideas

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Frequently asked questions about this design style

Q. What is a coastal design style?
A few stand-out elements distinguish the coastal style. The elements of this coastal style, referred to as "Cottage Coastal," include nautical decors like seashells and netting, delicate materials like wicker and rattan, and soft, pastel hues like sky blue or lilac.
Q. How do you decorate a coastal bedroom?
Bringing in coastal bedroom décor starts by choosing linen bed sheets, pillows, and duvet covers that are light in color, which feels and looks fresh and bright. White, pale yellow, and pale blue work well together for throws and rugs. These colors will create a feeling of relaxation. Bedding with beach-themed designs, such as shells or lighthouses, can also help create a coastal décor ambiance. You can also wake up your walls with artwork in colors and prints that resembles the sea.
Q. What is coastal farmhouse style?
The coastal farmhouse style is an exciting balance of two decor styles, which are farmhouse and coastal. The farmhouse style mixes the old and new elements, using wood, metal, and distress features to bring a clean and traditional look to your home. In simpler words, a farmhouse uses old and worn, vintage items, and Coastal uses inspired sea elements. The two styles combined to create a welcoming space that is bright, cozy, and crisp.
Q. How can you use dark furniture for your coastal bedroom?
Coastal décor is always bright, neutral, and airy. However, if you feel the need to introduce dark furniture in your coastal bedroom, you can start with a dark brown wooden bed, but layer the bed with beachy printed throws to keep up with the coastal flow. Instead of using light wooden furniture for nightstands, keep up the mid-century tone furniture, but add a shell or beach vibe lamp to balance the bedroom's décor. Accent chairs or an armchair in dark wood tones accentuated with a bright beach printed cushion can create a character to space.
Q. How can you make your bedroom romantic looking?
A beach-inspired room design should create a calm and peaceful feel in the space. Be sure to add texture to your room with pillows or rugs. The colors at the beach should inspire bedding for your beach themed room. And, to finally add that hint of romance in a coastal bedroom design, cut fresh flowers, soft lights, and faux fur blankets in a midnight sea blue hue should seal the deal.
Q. How can you make your bedroom beachy?
Consider having nightstands in wood with a distressed finish, as if it might have spent time in the waves. You can also use a weathered bed, oversized sea life artwork to create a focal point in the room and if you love the idea of mirrors with sea-themed frames, go ahead to bring the beach vibe into space.
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