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Frequently asked questions about this design style

Q. What is Bohemian design style?
Bohemian design styles are defined by a lack of structure opting for carefree layers, pattern, texture and color. The design features vibrant colors, embellished fabrics, and a global vibe. The accessories in a boho design are borrowed from many cultures. It is a design associated with the socially unconventional. Boho textiles are layered and are of a mix & match. The texture takes center stage with embroidery, extravagant trims, and appliques.
Q. How to decorate a room bohemian style?
To decorate a room bohemian style there are no rules to be followed. Use a variety of textures. Fringe, crochet, and macramé detailing around throw-rugs, pillows, and curtains help to make a cozy bohemian look. Say hello to low-level seating Use a good mix of different light sources Layer those rugs in the living, dining and bedroom. In the bedroom, canopies over beds are the signature boho embellishment. Say yes to second-hand and vintage furniture. Implementing the natural world is central to this style. So, bring your room to life with hanging plants and ferns.
Q. What are the boho colors?
Bohemian style is loud and with it comes an array of funky colors. Use warm earthy colors, metallic and jewel tones. Think shades of brown, green, and grays as base colors and then accessorize with tones of bright orange, electric blue and even opt for a saturated purple.
Q. What is a modern bohemian style?
The modern bohemian style tells a story of its individual and complex inhabitant. Rather than clean surfaces of a contemporary space, or the flawless tailored finishing of a traditional space, the modern bohemian style is characterized by layers. Everything in modern bohemian homes screams bold. For example, the furniture will have strong edges, and the couches will also have bold accent pieces. Modern bohemian homes will have floating fireplaces, sliding doors, and walls made of glass. The style is popular among millennials.
Q. What is boho style furniture?
Boho style furniture is eclectic. Each piece of furniture has a story to tell. The furniture is infused with textures, colors, and prints. Think low-backed sofas, scattered with plenty of plush and comfortable vibrant throw pillows. Poufs and pillows are thrown on the floor to ensure comfort anywhere.
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