Teen Bedroom with Pops of Purple

For this teen bedroom design, we have embraced a blend of contemporary aesthetics and personal touches. The central feature of the room, a plush bed draped in rich purple bedding, provides a sumptuous focal point, complemented by an elegantly tufted white headboard. Flanking the bed, lavender curtains enhance the room's warm, inviting atmosphere, while allowing natural light to highlight the soft color palette. Adjacent to the bed, a minimalist nightstand paired with a chic lamp combines functionality with clean, modern lines. Across the room, a sturdy dresser adorned with delicate decorative items anchors the space. Above, a striking woven pendant light casts a soft, ambient glow, introducing texture and a central point of interest. The study area is thoughtfully configured to foster creativity and efficiency. A streamlined white desk with golden accents offers a generous workspace, while a matching chair provides comfort for hours of study or creative pursuits. A tall bookshelf, situated beside the desk, keeps books and personal treasures neatly organized and within easy reach. Over the desk, a circular gold-framed mirror not only serves as a practical element for daily use but also enhances spatial dynamics by reflecting light and adding depth to the room.

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We truly loved working with the Spacejoy team

I have zero design skills so working with a top Spacejoy designer to transform our master bedroom was exactly what we needed. The designs were stunning and being able to see our room transformed in 3D made it so easy for us to decide what we wanted. Thank you Spacejoy for this wonderful experience!

Caroline Sferruzzo

Raleigh, NC

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