Cozy Transitional Bedroom with Warm Wooden Tones


Enveloped in the warmth of wooden tones and textured neutrals, this bedroom is a symphony of sophisticated design and functional elegance. Anchoring the space, the Sausalito king bed, with its commanding presence, invites relaxation and repose. Flanking this focal point are two Victoria solid wood nightstands, their streamlined forms offering ample storage while maintaining the room's serene aesthetic. Across the room, an ivory shagreen embossed low dresser sits gracefully along the window wall. Its sleek silhouette provides generous storage without sacrificing style, ensuring a clutter-free environment that’s as calming as it is beautiful. Above, a watercolor landscape framed canvas adds a brushstroke of tranquility, harmonizing with the outdoor vista. In the spirit of maximizing space, a 55" TV is mounted on the wall, framed by floating white oak shelves from Brighton, showcasing a curated selection of modern cloth color books and decorative pieces that tell a story of elegance and simplicity. Below, the Nina Takesh Seine Camel and Ivory Rug softens the floor with its plush texture, inviting bare feet to revel in its cozy embrace. Light filters in through the Seaton textured cotton blackout curtain, casting a gentle glow on the Ferris glass table lamps that rest atop the nightstands, their luminous spheres echoing the softness of the room's palette. In the corner, an artificial olive tree in a rattan pot planter brings a touch of organic greenery, enhancing the room’s connection to nature. Touches of brass in the Aosta arch cutout floor mirror and accents throughout the room provide a subtle gleam, catching the light and adding a layer of understated opulence. This space is not just a bedroom; it's a retreat where every element, from the cozy fleece pillows to the chunky knit bed blanket, has been thoughtfully chosen to create a haven of tranquility and comfort. Here, wood, texture, and neutral shades interplay to craft an ambiance that’s as inviting as it is refined—a true sanctuary from the world's bustle.

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We decided to give Spacejoy a try and so glad we did. Couldn’t be happier with how our room turned out.

I absolutely loved working with Spacejoy! From the 3D renders to the personalized 1:1 moments working with my designer, the whole experience was great. My designer understood what I wanted and created a design that makes my space look amazing. Can’t wait to work with Spacejoy for the other rooms!


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