Bold Contemporary Eclectic Bedroom with Blue Walls


Enter a realm where boldness converges with contemporary charm in the beautiful Bold Contemporary Eclectic Bedroom with Blue Walls. The focal point is a single accent wall, adorned in Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik, exuding richness and allure. A tapestry of color and texture grounds the bed area with the EROS Hand-knotted Red and Blue area Rug from CB2. The bed itself, a Hanson Upholstered masterpiece from AllModern, embraces both comfort and elegance, dressed in pristine white bedding adorned with blue and red pillows for a vibrant touch. A Lottie Chair in Burnt Umber Velvet by West Elm beckons for moments of solace, while the Vienna dresser from Moe's Home is a sleek storage solution. Velvet Midnight Blue Curtain Panels from CB2 frame the windows, accompanied by the warm glow of the Hastings Table Lamp from West Elm and the celestial charm of the Moon Gunmetal Floor Lamp from Article. Above, the Possini Euro Planet Black Finish Chandelier from Lamps Plus casts its enchanting glow. The eclectic haven also features a large bench at the foot of the bed, curated decor pieces like the Hammond Antique Bronze Taper Holders from West Elm, and the Asymmetrical Wood Framed Floor Mirror from West Elm for added depth. This Bold Contemporary Eclectic Bedroom with Blue Walls is a testament to the power of bold design choices and the artistry of blending contrasting elements. It invites you to embrace the unexpected, surrender to the allure of color and texture, and revel in the harmonious chaos of a space that defies convention. Enter this captivating realm and discover a bold symphony of style that resonates with your own unique spirit.

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It was so helpful seeing the room in 3D, and getting links to each of the products used made it so easy to order the exact pieces

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