A Spacious & Open Transitional Bedroom


This transitional bedroom is inviting, spacious and bright. We’ve left the wall of windows bare to bring in the natural light. The bed is placed against the existing wall and paired with two storage nightstands with a matching dresser with plenty of space to hide away clothes, books, or clutter. On the other side of this massive transitional bedroom, there is additional space to incorporate a relaxing reading or conversational space by coupling two swivel chairs and a unique statement floor lamp that brings personality to space. Lastly, the walls in this bedroom tell a story with bold modern artwork.

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We truly loved working with the Spacejoy team

I have zero design skills so working with a top Spacejoy designer to transform our master bedroom was exactly what we needed. The designs were stunning and being able to see our room transformed in 3D made it so easy for us to decide what we wanted. Thank you Spacejoy for this wonderful experience!

Caroline Sferruzzo

Raleigh, NC

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