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16 Easy Fall Decor Ideas For Snuggle Season

The seasons are changing, so should your decor! Welcome the arrival of fall and Thanksgiving with gorgeous fall decor ideas for your home that don't require a ton of effort. Here are some easy ways to cozy up your space for the season! 

Get Under The Blankets

Get Under The Blankets

Seen in this design: Duvet From CB2.

Nothing says cozy like a warm blanket on a chilly night. Snuggle up under thick blankets and get some textured pillows to match! A season-specific blanket is one of the easiest fall home decor ideas to execute. We recommend the pumpkin-orange palette paired with neutrals for that real autumn vibe. 

Flowers Are So Last Season!

Flowers Are Last Season

Seen in this design: Pampas Grass Set from CB2.

Switch out your roses and lilies for pampas grass and twigs as a super simple fall decor idea. You can pop them in a glass vase for a minimal decor accent, or you can use them to fashion an autumn-themed wreath. Add a few fiery orange dried leaves in to bring in that pop of color!

Don't Forget The Nooks! 

Don't Forget The Nooks

Seen in this design: Bed From Kathy Kuo, Chair From Lexmod, Ottoman, Side Table, & Nightstand From West Elm, Faux Fur Pillow From Wayfair.

A great fall decoration idea is to carve out a little corner just for yourself. Fall is all about that cozy weather, perfect for staying in and curling up with a good book. So, why not create a space just for that? You could add a hanging chair and fill it with cozy pillows & throws for a truly inviting little nook, or you can place a comfy armchair with a small side table for a spot to relax in the evening before you retire for the night.

Set The Mood With Candles 

Candles To Set The Mood

Seen in this design: Lanterns from West Elm, Picnic Bench from Wayfair, Wall Mounted Planters From Crate & Barrel.

Is there a better time to light your favorite candles? We think not! Scented or unscented, candles are a wonderfully modern fall decorating idea. They're the next best thing to a fireplace on a budget! Candles are incomplete without candle holders, and we recommend going with the slim and tall ones for a more elevated addition to your decor. 

The Wonder Wall 

Accent Walls

Seen in this design: Sofa From Casterly, Center Table From Lexmod, Matrix Chairs From Article, Shelf From Crate & Barrel.

New season, new walls! It's a great time to give your room a makeover by adding a fabulous accent wall. Since the season is fall, we're all about those rich, jewel tones to give your space an elegant, stylish look. You could go with a deep, emerald green and use gold accents in your decor to really bring out the depth of this hue. We guarantee you're going to love this fall decor idea! 

Simple Is Stylish 

Simple Is Stylish

Seen in this design: Duvet Covers From CB2, Mirrors From Uttermost.

Sometimes, the smallest of details can transform your room from boring to beautiful! Adding in gold-toned mirrors, especially if you have predominantly used neutral tones for your bedding, can make a world of difference. Adding a detailed duvet cover can add playful textures and graphic patterns without disturbing your room's color palette! 

Trend tip: Gold and copper are popular finishes this season, given their warm tones. 

Pumpkin Power! 

Pumpkin Power

Seen in this design: Pumpkin Themed Decor From Pottery Barn.

Nothing says fall like pumpkins, so why not add them into your decor? Subtle pieces that you can place on a bookshelf or your side table to tie the decor together. You can get some beautiful pumpkin-themed dinnerware pieces if you're planning on entertaining this season. You can also find accent pillows with pumpkin motifs and patterns on them that you can place around the house. An alternative fall decor idea is to use rustic orange hues in your decor, like the beautiful accent chairs in the image. 

Use Art To Set The Color Tone

Use Art To Set The Color Tone

Seen in this design: Art From Society 6 & World Market.

It's an excellent time to switch out the art pieces on your wall and incorporate those beautiful fall colors into your space with new pieces. You can opt for minimal, abstract pieces that bring in that pop of color while keeping the rest of your palette intact, or you can go for multiple pieces to showcase the entire spectrum of hues that you want to incorporate into your fall decor.

Warm Vibes 

Warm Vibes

Seen in this design: Desk From West Elm, Mirror From Target, Curtains & Vases From Urban Outfitters.

Bring warmth into your decor like you're bringing warmth into your closet! Rustic hues like brick reds, mellow yellows, and everything in between all represent the fall season. These hues are inviting as well as calming, so they're a quick and easy fall decoration idea that you can achieve over one weekend. Wooden pieces like this Mid-Century Desk from West Elm fit right into the warm color palette while also elevating the room's style. Use gold accents like this beautiful Round Decorative Wall Mirror from Target to tie the room together. 

You'll find yourself wanting to spend more time in this space when you incorporate these hues into your decor, we promise! 

The Warmest Bedroom, Ever! 

Warmest Bedroom Ever

Warm tones, warm blankets, and a warm, welcoming bed, that's how you get the warmest bedroom ever. Look at this gorgeous bedroom and tell me you don't want to dive right in! 

Bringing in those lovely warm reds and oranges into your bedroom decor can create a wonderfully inviting space for you to come home to after a long day. 

Pro tip: Add a bold touch with a brightly colored rug as a statement piece. 

Mix & Match Your Colors!

Mix And Match

Seen in this design: Bed From Lexmod, Ottoman Bench From Overstock, Pillows From Burrow.

We all love a neutral palette. It's all the rage right now. But, mixing in your neutral tones with other dominant colors may not be such a bad idea (proof above). Neutral tones can help make your other colors pop, and you can use them to add a bit of texture like these Blush Fractured Pillow Covers from Burrow. We recommend using your neutral palette to elevate the other colors in your room for a decadent, more put-together fall-themed decor. Use the colors you love to create a totally unique combination for yourself! 

Matching Pillows & Rugs 

Match Pillows & Rugs

Seen in this design: Pillows & Rug From Wayfair.

The easiest fall decor idea to transform a room without blowing all your money or making huge decisions is merely switching out your pillow covers and your rug! Choose jewel tones or warm, rustic tones for your pillows to match that fall vibe, and find a carpet in the same hue to display a classic color palette for the season. You can also use these elements to play with woven or braided textures that are characteristic of fall! 

Vintage Wonders 

Vintage Wonder

Seen in this design: Pine & Birds Wallpaper from Joss & Main, Velvet Platform Bed from Lexmod, Grace Glass Side Table from TOV.

Here's a well-kept secret hack that you simply can't go wrong with. Go vintage! Be it color palettes, decor accents, or a statement accent piece added to your room. A vintage accessory will always add more character and style to your fall decor. Pastels mixed with a pop of color here and there are very characteristic of a vintage vibe. Throw in some faux fur pieces, and you've got yourself a super stylish bedroom! 

A Living Room Fit For Fall 

Living Room Fit For Fall

Seen in this design: Wicker Basket from Wayfair, Velvet Pillows from World Market, Sven Sofa from Article. 

Living rooms are supposed to be warm, inviting, and comfy. It's where you greet your guests and settle in for a chat, and it's the first place they see as they walk in. So, if you're looking for fall home decor ideas, it seems only fair to give your living room a little extra attention! Colors are an easy way to bring that fall vibe into your decor. But details like the wicker basket on the floor or the fuschia pillows on the couch can take your decor to the next level. Use your accent pieces and ottomans to bring in that fall-flavor while seamlessly tying your space together! 

Two Tones Are All You Need 

Two Toned Living Room

Seen in this design: Vintage Area Rug from Wayfair, Vegan Leather Armchair from Pottery Barn, Oversized Comforter from Overstock. 

All this talk of colors and palettes and accents can get a bit overwhelming. What if we told you all you need are two colors to transform your space into a fall wonder? You really don't need too many colors to bring your fall decor to life. Choose two fall colors, like the olive green and rustic orange in the image below, and plan your decor around that. You can have accents of the same tones along with a few neutral tones to make these hues pop! 

Layer Your Rugs!

Layer Your Rugs

Seen in this design: Rugs From Wayfair & Ruggable.

Sometimes a rug can tie the whole room together. However, there are times when your carpet can isolate a section or two if it's not big enough or it isn't placed right. Layering your rugs can be a great way to ensure that all the pieces in a room are seen as one look. You can experiment with different shapes, textures, and styles to add some playful elements to the space while ensuring that they still speak the same design language. 

Have we given you the inspiration you needed to start working on your fall decor? Start a project with Spacejoy, and our expert designers can create a design completely customized to your tastes and your budget. Let us help you 'fall' in love with your home all over again! 

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