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15 Best Dining Tables You Can Find for Every Budget

Having a comfortable dining table is essential to any home. For eating, talking, doing homework, and more, the dining table is the center of your living room. Choosing the perfect dining table to fit your space is all about picking the right size, shape, and style. So, whether your home is modern and open or traditional and classic, we're sure you'll find the perfect dining table to complete your space in this list.

Best Dining Tables for Small Spaces

The number one thing when choosing a dining room table is the space you have. The best dining table for small spaces is one that adapts to your needs. Whether you need seats for two or four people, a small dining table set with stools that can fit under will always give you the maximum space and versatility. Here are our favorite dining tables for a small dining room.

1. Norden Table, IKEA (Under $250)

small table

Best Overall: The best IKEA dining table for small spaces has to be the Norden Raskog Table that can expand if needed and has storage space for even the smallest rooms.

Why we love this table set: 

  • Seats up to 4 people
  • Table size is adjustable
  • The clear-lacquered surface is easy to wipe clean
  • Self-adhesive floor protectors protect the floors against wear and tear

2. Williston Forge Delmar 5-Piece Dining Set, Wayfair (Under $250)

small dining room table

Best for Small Spaces: The Williston Forge Delmar 5-Piece Dining Set has plenty of room to store the benches underneath for extra space when it comes to Wayfair dining tables.

Best features:

  • Seats up to 6 people
  • Stools fit perfectly under the table for extra space
  • Lightweight design can be easily moved

3. Ethel Bar Set, Target (Under $300)

dining table set

Best for Apartments: One of the best Target dining tables for small spaces is without a doubt the Ethel42 Bar Set Christopher Knight Home with matching wood finishes.

Why we love this dining set:

  • Seats up to 2 people
  • Fits perfectly behind a couch as a console table
  • The table comes with comfortable footrests

Best Budget-Friendly Dining Room Table Sets

When it comes to finding the best dining tables for your space, your budget will play a significant role in narrowing down your options. Luckily, you can find a stone-top dining table for under $500. Plus, it's easy to find a glass-top round dining table for under $1,000. Or, you can easily splurge in a Pottery Barn Toscana Table that retails for a bit under $2,000. No matter your budget, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Under $500

Let's start with the first tier, under $500. Believe it or not, there's a lot you can find under this price range. From traditional dining room tables to more modern options, these beautiful dining table sets will transform the way your space looks. 

4. Wren bistro Table, West Elm (Currently On Sale at $299)

small table

Best for Corner Nooks: The Westelm Wren Bistro Table is the perfect addition to a modern living room and dining room area that can work as an entertainment table. 

Best features: 

  • Available in two finishes: haze and raw mango
  • Seats about two people comfortably
  • Easy to clean with a soft, dry cloth

5. Box Frame Drop Leaf Table, West Elm ($499)

foldable table

Most Versatile: Another favorite is the Westelm Box Frame Drop Leaf Table because of its versatility; you can expand it to fit whatever needs. Keep it small for yourself and open for guests.

Best features:

  • Drop-down leaves swing up when you need additional seating space
  • Set on a sturdy steel base
  • Built-in levelers on legs with protective floor caps
  • It Seats 2 people and can extend to seat up to 6 people

6. Rae Round Marble Pedestal Bistro, Pottery Barn ($499)

dining table sets

Best Bistro Style: For a cozy and stylish dining spot, then the Pottery Barn Rae Marble Bistro Table will bring a Parisian coffee shop to your home, making quite the statement.

Why we love this table: 

  • Adjustable levelers add stability on uneven floors
  • Seats up to 2 people
  • Easy to clean with a soft, dry cloth 

Under $1,000

At this price range, you can have a bit more flexibility in terms of finishes and designs. Opt for a modern-looking table with accent brass elements, woods, or glass to turn your dining space into a focal room in your house. 

7. Quillen Marquetry Dining Table, Anthropologie ($898)

round dining tableBest Modern: One of the best Anthropologie dining tables is the Quillen Marquetry Dining Table. Its striking features make it the center of attention in your dining room, giving it a contemporary feel.

Why we love this dining table:

  • Seats up to 4 people
  • The top is sealed with clear lacquer for protection
  • The striking design makes this mighty table make a statement in a small space

8. Bradding Natural Stonewash Dining Table, Pier 1 ($800)

large dining tableBest for Large Spaces: If you have a large dining room area, the Pier1 Bradding Natural Stonewash Dining Table will become the center of all family reunions and special occasions.

Why we love this table:

  • Seats between 6 to 8 people
  • It has a versatile style that could match your farmhouse, contemporary, or coastal design
  • Available in different stains of wood

9. Moeckelby Table Oak, IKEA ($629)

large dining table

Best for Farmhouse: The IKEA Moeckelby Table Oak will instantly transform the space for an indoor or outdoor dining area, infusing it with a modern farmhouse style and design.

Best features:

  • Seats up to 6 people
  • The tabletop is pre-treated to protect against wear and tear
  • The classic plank design gives a genuine wood feeling

Best Dining Tables Under $1,500

For when you're ready to splurge a bit more on your dining table, these are some of our favorite picks. If you have enough room, try to go for a long and grand dining table that will make an impact. For $1,500 you can find amazing creations that combine glass, metals, woods, and other elegant features that will truly make the space pop. 

glass table

10. Everly Quinn Marshall Dining Table, Wayfair ($1,349)

Best Contemporary: If making a statement is your wish, then the Wayfair Everly Quinn Marshall Dining Table is your best option. The glass top will make the room look modern and spacious.

Why we love this table:

  • Seats up to 8 people
  • The tempered glass top offers a unique modern look
  • A chrome steel base grounds the table and keeps it secure

11. Autumn Solid Wood Extending Table, Overstock ($978)

dining tableBest for Large Families: A beautiful Overstock table idea is the Autumn Solid Wood Extending Dining Table, which can seat up to 8 guests and beautifully replicates the traditional farmhouse style.

Best features:

  • Seats between 8 to 10 people
  • The iron tension rods add an industrial-style flair
  • The dining chairs can be easily tucked under the table to save space

12. Xevera Acrylic Table, Target ($$1,399)

round glass table

Best Glam: Add drama and glamour to your dining room with this Target Xevera Acrylic Table Brass Clear featuring brass accents to elevate your space and showcase your style.

Why we love this table:

  • Seats up to 6 people
  • The glam round glass top with acrylic brass accents make it a statement on its own
  • Works for small and larger spaces

Best Dining Tables Under $2,000 to Splurge

Finally, if you're ready to splurge, then you can get a sizeable family-style dining table set. Enjoy the flexibility this budget gives you, and try to play with different chairs, benches, and armchair options to elevate the look and feel of your dining room space. 

13. Toscana Extending Dining Table, Pottery Barn ($1,599 - $1,999)

large dining room tableBest Extendable: The Pottery Barn Toscana Extending Dining Table is, without a doubt, one of the most popular designs. This table seats 6 to 8 people when extended.

Best features:

  • Seats between 6 to 8 people comfortably
  • Two breadboard leaves drop in seamlessly at either end
  • Available in two different wood finishes

14. Winston Dining Table, RoveConcepts ($2299)

round dining tableBest Statement Piece: The modern lines, paired with the Williams Sonoma Knife Edge Round Table's bold shape, will create a dramatic statement in your dining room and living area.

Why we love this table:

  • Seats up to 6 people
  • The glass top option can be removed
  • Perfect for the minimalist, mid-century, and contemporary spaces

15. Knife Edge Round Dining Table, Williams Sonoma ($1,495)

round glass tableBest for Open Spaces: The modern lines, paired with the Williams Sonoma Knife Edge Round Table's bold shape, will create a dramatic statement in your dining room and living area.

Best features:

  • Seats up to 4 people
  • Angled slab legs give it a dramatic stance 
  • Lacquered seal to protect and prevent stains

When looking for the best dining tables, it's essential to consider the style you're looking for in the room. Start your project today and talk to one of our designers to help you decorate your dining room with the best dining room table to add an exciting accent to your room. Check out our pricing plans to get started.

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