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Price Match Guarantee

  • Spacejoy charges the actual cost as billed by the retailer.
  • We do not add any overheads to the price of the product or shipping charges.
  • Your cart projects an estimation of the total. In the odd case that there is an increase in the price of an item in your order, our team will reach out to you for a confirmation before we place your order.
  • We’ll refund the difference if prices of any item in your order list drops at the time of us placing your order.


Q. If the prices on the retailer’s website and Spacejoy are different, will Spacejoy guarantee a price match?
At Spacejoy, we are committed to finding you the best prices on products featured in your designs. The prices on our site are updated regularly to reflect any offers and promotions offered by the retailers. Sometimes, there may be a price difference due to dynamic changes. You can rest assured that Spacejoy will offer a refund if the prices on the retailers' site are lower than what you paid on Spacejoy at the time of processing your order. Spacejoy never adds any overheads to the cost of the product. This is Spacejoy's Price Match Guarantee.
Q. How does Spacejoy's ordering process work?
Consider Spacejoy as your personal concierge who'll aggregate all the products featured in your design, calculate shipping charges, place the order on multiple retailers site, and we'll keep track of when your order gets delivered. All this at no extra cost. We aim to make this process as hassle-free as possible for you.
Q. Can I initiate a return on Spacejoy?
Yes you can. Write to us at and we'll take care of the rest. Please make sure to keep the original tags and packaging.
Q. How are shipping costs calculated?
We do not add any overheads on shipping costs. Shipping costs are calculated by the retailer based on the type of shipping, location and size of the product. What you see during checkout is an estimation and the actual shipping costs may vary when we process the order. If the difference between the estimated costs and the final cost varies significantly we will reach out to you for approval or with alternative suggestions. If there is a price drop, Spacejoy will process the order and initiate a refund.

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