Traditional Living Room Design Ideas

Traditional living rooms are the epitome of comfort, harmony, and order, and the design welcomes warmth and familiarity. You will also witness decor styles that are evolved from the 18th- and 19th-century. Our collection of traditional décor features detailed millwork and colors which are calm and soothing. Since traditional style relies on the basics – you will not find eclectic pieces or pops of color – the key is for everything to ‘match’ - especially when it comes to upholstery and fabrics. In traditional designs, uniformity and symmetry go together. Our interior designers at Spacejoy focus on wood, deep and rich tones, and we don’t shy away from using traditional patterns in a traditional space. If you scroll down our traditional designs collection, your eyes will feast on -florals, damasks, toile, paisleys, chinoiserie prints, and muted stripes - all classic staples of this style. Overall, there is nothing wild or chaotic in a traditional interior design since every element is comforting and classic.

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