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Traditional Living Room Design Ideas

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Frequently asked questions about this design style

Q. What is a traditional living room?
Traditional living rooms have stood the test of time for one simple reason—comfort. Elegant shapes, refined textiles, and a charmingly predictable sense of order make traditional style one that is always warm and welcoming. While decorating trends may change, traditional living rooms will always be in style.
Q. How can I decorate my living room?
To get a new traditional look in your living room start by using a pair of interesting bookshelves in wood, mirrors, or unique framed portraits. Traditional spaces often use a muted color in larger areas, and pops of color are added in through accessories. Wall decor, pillows, and florals are a great way to add hints of color. Nothing pulls the traditional space together like a set of coordinating upholstered chairs. You can always add some contrast by using different throw pillows on the chairs for creativity. Lastly, add just a little hint of greenery to bring additional warmth to the traditional space.
Q. What colors make a living room look bigger?
If you want to make your living room look bigger, stick to lighter colors that reflect more light and make the space feel more open. Colors like neutrals, pastels, off-white, beige, or light grays, are a great way to add a level of sophistication and calm to space.
Q. What is the most popular color for living room furniture?
Shades of white or off-white continue to be chosen as best sellers and recommended colors for living room furniture. Mixing other colors with white can create custom hues, and white is widely used in two-tone effects. Its overall versatility and popularity arguably make white the most popular color for painted furniture.
Q. What is the most common color for a living room?
The most common color for a living room is neutrals – it never goes out of style. Some of the best colors for living rooms also include hazelnut, mint green, mushroom, and golden yellow. Neutral hues are ideal for those who want a constant color throughout the house.
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