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Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette
Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette 2
Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette 3
Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette 4
Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette 5

Living Room

What a tasteful living room looks like!

Read Lynette online interior design experience with Spacejoy

Designed For -


I wanted a living room that mirrored my inner style and make it a place that I couldn’t wait to come back to.

Designed By -

Heather Wise

Heather Wise is best known for her eclectic styling. She works with clients to create spaces that are uniquely them. She draws design inspiration from historical architecture, layers of texture and unique finds. She prides herself on her keen eye for detail, respect for proportion, scale and ability to translate clients' wishes into reality.


Design Brief


Living Room


$2000 or less



I was eager to start making my home a place that I couldn’t wait to come back to after a long day of work. Since the purchasing of my home three years ago, I hadn’t made any changes so it never really felt like mine. I wanted a space that would reflect my inner style and personality but struggled to execute it myself. I have used a traditional designer in the past for some of my previous projects and was certain that I didn't want to deplete all of my budget this time around. Luckily, I stumbled across Spacejoy after researching alternatives to my dilemma.


Watching Design Experts at Work

What can I say about this experience, I had the pleasure of collaborating with such a wonderful team here at Spacejoy. The questionnaire and the initial set up was quite simple. The team understood the brief quite well. However, to be honest, I did come across some hurdles with my first set of designs that were presented to me. But that didn't change my mind about the calibre of the brand. I expressed my concerns with the customer service. I appreciate the 1:1 dialogue that I had with Heather, I was 100% certain she understood my feedback and took it in the right spirit. Fast forward to present day, she did exactly that. Today I am in love with my living room and I am mostly seen hanging there most of the time. The space exudes so much joy and goes with my vibe very well. I simply can’t imagine having it any other way. The living room space flows seamlessly into the rest of the house and complement each other as expected.

Living Room Layout Created For Lynette
Living Room Moodboard Created For Lynette

Designer Notes

We've brought in pieces to create a dark and romantic space to spend time in. I love the wall color for setting a tone in this room and we have carried this color onto the baseboard and trim. It'll accentuate the height in the room and create a moodier look. For the sectional, I've selected a deep blue velvet. I love velvets in dark spaces as their colors tend to change a bit more. At night time or in lower light conditions, this will appear a deeper blue and with more light, a more green undertone will appear. The jewel tones work themselves throughout the room- with the floor pillows and the ottomans. I've included the bar by the door. This piece is stunning and an absolute focal point. It adds a refined sophistication that we can continue to carry throughout the room. These more modern lines appear in the coffee table, the floor lamp and the shelving.

Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

I absolutely appreciate any service that offers modern technology and to actually view my living room designs in 3D first was a novel experience. So kudos to Spacejoy for being able to do this for their customers. It shows how much they care about the final product that’s being offered to their customers. Being able to get a full 360 degree view of my living room with the exact products that would go into it got me thrilled and I just couldn’t wait to see my room come together in real life. Because if it looked 10 on 10 in 3D, you can imagine how it would look in real life.

3D Design For Lynette New Living Room View
3D Design For Lynette New Living Room View 2

Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Lynette's Living Room

The 3D images were so life like and really highlighted the design. I never could imagine that a 3D could be an exact replica of what I wanted my space to be in real life. The designer with her talent convinced me to trust the process and after seeing the living room in front of me - I can confidently say that there is no team out there with this kind of brilliance.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered
Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette
Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette 2
Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette 3
Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette 4
Spacejoy review of Living Room Designed For Lynette 5

This is what Lynette had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

I am really running out of words to tell you how much I love my home right now. From not having decorated it at all to have a space that’s completely me is quite surreal. I am so thrilled about this new living room that I am seen hanging there most of the time. I cannot wait for the day my family and friends come to see me in my element. I can only thank Spacejoy and it’s designers for doing such a commendable job- right from the initial quiz to the options they provided me with or the fact that they understood my feedback so well. The team indeed comprises some really talented designers who have an eye for beauty as well as an ear for customer’s brief. I am glad I went ahead with Spacejoy and not anyone else.


Shopping List


Interior Define

$ 1895



$ 899

Wire Frame Slipper Chair, Dark Horseradish Flannel

West Elm

$ 299

Lyman Scratched Vase

Crate And Barrel

$ 34.95

Worn Velvet Curtain - Metal

West Elm

$ 109

Hand made Cactus Silk Inspired Linen Pillow Cover Moroccan Silk Pillow Cover


$ 38

Equa Brushed Brass Coffee Table


$ 349

Velvet Pillow with Feather Down Insert

Crate And Barrel

$ 41.97

Rocio Ceramic Pot Planter


$ 77.99

Home Pure Garden Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree-72” Faux Plant Natural Feel Leaves-Realistic Indoor Potted Topiary Décor


$ 96

Moores Oriental Navy Area Rug


$ 539.99

Lawrence Drink Table

West Elm

$ 129

Labonte Ottoman


$ 152.99

4 Piece Granite Stak Authentic Decorative Book Set


$ 79

Valencia LED Task Lamp Brass (Includes Energy Efficient Light Bulb)


$ 45

Rene Lacquered Linen White Ice Bucket


$ 69.95

Deco Barware Collection, Brass + Marble (Set of 4)

West Elm

$ 63.6

Moskowitz Ladder Bookcase


$ 189.99



$ 58

Full Moon Clay Vase

Crate And Barrel

$ 30

Nuvola White Vase


$ 60

Glass Vase

West Elm

$ 9.6


Zara Home

$ 50

Olivia Curtain Rod Set


$ 128

Ella Small White Candle

Crate And Barrel

$ 40

Valencia Floor Lamp Brass


$ 80

ZZ Plant

The Sill

$ 57

Brass Rings Object

McGee & Co

$ 21

Lindley Solid Border Cotton Floor Pillow


$ 99.99

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf

West Elm

$ 119

Stuart Edged Frame Wall Mirror

All Modern

$ 192

Echeveria Agavoides

The Sill

$ 26

Bird’s Nest Fern

The Sill

$ 49



$ 78

Exotic Wood Frame


$ 90

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