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Spacejoy review of Studio Designed For Brittany
Spacejoy review of Studio Designed For Brittany 2
Spacejoy review of Studio Designed For Brittany 3


Here is how a family of three live in a small studio

Read Brittany online interior design experience with Spacejoy

Designed For -


I was looking to design a studio that was ideal for a family of 3 (I have a 4-year-old!). The space available was small, and the challenge was to create space which was fit for all of us. A place where we could relax, spend some time together, and where my kid could play freely, but at the same time, a place where we could entertain guests when we decided to host them. I’m big for Boho and coastal, so those were my themes of choice from the get-go. I’m decorating for the first time, so I am excited about this.

Designed By -


Maria loves a good transformation story. Bringing people’s vision for their space to life and watching them swoon is the most satisfying aspect of her work. She believes that adding functional details is a tell-tale of a good design.


Design Brief




$2000 to $5000



Functional and stylish - these had to be the two pillars of my studio! It was important for me to create a space where both adults and kids would be comfortable in. My partner and I wanted a cozy room where everything served a purpose. Which means planning was critical, and clarity is a must. We had to be thoughtful with every piece we bring in; otherwise, it's one table or painting away from cluttering the space. I love neutrals, earthy tones, along with Black and White, and wanted my studio to be in this palette. I love playing with textures and textiles as it adds a lot to the room. But the challenge for Maria was to find the perfect balance.


Watching Design Experts at Work

Maria and I connected immediately. Our vision for my studio was aligned. She incorporated both Boho and coastal themes into the studio and did a marvelous job at it, without adding any clutter. The room had a very free, relaxed, and easy-going vibe to it, which I just loved. All the key pieces that I wanted, like wall decorations, lighting, indoor plants, and natural textures and textiles, were given their own space. My references from Pinterest was factored in perfectly. I love wooden furniture, and the pieces she suggested were stunning. The wood and metal cafeteria-style dining table from Loveseat and the Layla Rattan pendant from Anthropologie are some of my favorites. Maria used a lot of decor items from Wayfair (like the Palm Tree in a pot, The Hand-Tufted Faux Sheepskin Ivory Area Rug, and the Faux Leather throw pillow among others) which is a brand that I love. The wall decorations had a super-cool Boho feel to them, and I think they did their bit in bringing a bit of uniqueness to the room. What was most inventive, though, was how she added storage multi-purpose storage pieces - done tastefully. Overall, the studio was designed to impress - just how I wanted it to be!

Studio Layout Created For Brittany
Studio Moodboard Created For Brittany

Designer Notes

We had so much fun designing your Studio! In your design, you will see that we incorporated neutral tones with a few leather accents. This space has been designed to create a calm and relaxing environment. We hope you enjoy your design.

Using the Spacejoy App to Experience my Designs in 3D

The App is not only easy to use, but it’s pretty impressive as well! Once I had shared my first set of design notes with Lauren, she shared two design renditions with me on the 3D App. The fact that I could visualize it (since it was in 3D) helped me a lot to make my decision. One of the best features of the App is that it’s interactive and it gives any amateur home designer (such as myself), the advantage to literally “see” the design before it’s actually executed.

3D Design For Brittany New Studio View
3D Design For Brittany New Studio View 2

Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Brittany’s Studio

The design and selection process was smooth. I did not face any challenge communicating what I wanted and once the expectations were clear, Maria did a fabulous job recreating the same.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered
Spacejoy review of Studio Designed For Brittany
Spacejoy review of Studio Designed For Brittany 2
Spacejoy review of Studio Designed For Brittany 3

This is what Brittany had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

It’s one thing wanting something and picturing it in your mind, but it’s another thing altogether when you see it translate into a design. The studio was neat, stylish, and functional - and I couldn’t have asked for more. I love the brands Maria choose from and all the key pieces are seamlessly included. I was so happy to see it come to life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I am sure that my partner, my kid, and all my friends and family are going to appreciate it as much as I do (maybe even more!!).



Shopping List



$ 299



$ 695

basket rattan furniture


$ 187.37

Layla Rattan Pendant


$ 319.95

Leather Pouf


$ 199

Melody Rattan Chair

Urban Outfitters

$ 229

Travellers Palm Tree in Pot


$ 109.99

Marilee Floor Lamp


$ 119

Floating Disks Side Table - Dark Walnut

West Elm

$ 149

Borealis Hand-Tufted Faux Sheepskin Ivory Area Rug


$ 149.99

Burrillville Hand-Woven White Area Rug

All Modern

$ 166.99

STOCKHOLM 2017 Coffee table


$ 89

Bonneval Faux Leather Throw Pillow 18"


$ 46.99

Iman Hand Woven Pillow in Ivory design by Pom Pom at Home

$ 105

Stripe Break Lumbar Pillow By Sarah Sherman Samuel

Lulu & Georgia

$ 88

Rohde Lumbar Pillow


$ 48

Floor Succulent Plant in Concrete Planter

Joss And Main

$ 61.99

Fragra Scented Jar Candle


$ 21

Little Korboose Organic Cotton Tapestry, Nevada

West Elm

$ 160

Faux Desktop Succulent Plant in Pot

Joss And Main

$ 135

The Arts Capsule

West Elm

$ 263

Rounded Terracotta Floor Vases

West Elm

$ 79.99


Restoration Hardware

$ 65

Faux Cement Pineapple Agave Plant in Planter

Joss And Main

$ 30.99

Keanna Moulding Picture Frame

Joss And Main

$ 10.99

Braided Fabric Basket


$ 45

Danita Throw Blanket Beige


$ 29.99

Culloden Winding Wave Throw


$ 32.99

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