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Bedroom Decor - Sweet Dreams in a Pastel Paradise

Updated: Thu Mar 26 2020

Designed For: Maxie McClintock

It’s been a while since I have redecorated and my bedroom needed an urgent upgrade!

Designed By: Lauren

Lauren, our resident designer, resides in Los Angeles, California. She has a keen eye for detail and loves to design functional spaces high on style. She loves a good hack and has a ton of design tips and DIY ideas always ready to offer as solutions.

Step 1

Design Brief

$2000 or less

The bedroom is an intimate place, and for me, it's no different. Of all the rooms in the house, this one is my very own - my haven. It's where I go to after a long day. The room had to invoke peace and warmth and an overall relaxed vibe, so, pastels was a natural choice for me. I wanted the room to have a very natural and neutral look with some jewel tones popping in here and there to add a little bit of fun. With respect to the design, I was looking to create a space which was a mix between Contemporary with maybe some Art Deco influences. The contemporary side of things would help keep the look very neat and clean with a sleek finish while the Art Deco influence would allow me the liberty to experiment with very individualistic and creative pieces, bringing in a sense of sophistication to the space. Art Deco and Contemporary are two design themes that go very well together, and I thought they'd be perfect for my bedroom!

Step 2

Watching Design Experts at Work

I hadn’t done anything to the look and feel of the bedroom for years. I was open to ideas and was happy to let Lauren take the wheel and guide me to what was best, and did just that. I wanted my bedroom to be a combination of contemporary and art-deco, basically because I like how these two design themes come together seamlessly. The other thing with me was the color palette of the room. I wanted the vibe to be relaxed, so picking the right colors was a must. Lauren aptly brought together all these details. She went with a lovely color scheme consisting of pastels and neutral shades. This color selection brought in a lot of calm, but it did not make the bedroom look bland at all. The Liliyana upholstered bed was a masterpiece, and it added a lot of grandeur. Adding the soft pink sofa from Joss & Main was a great idea as well - a beautiful place to sit and read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning before starting the day. Lauren included a lot of accessories and decor elements all over the room, and they were drop-dead gorgeous. The Bone Side Table from West Elm was the perfect addition, and the Dobson Drawer Dresser from Wayfair was just perfect for that extra storage space. The wall mirror from Joss & Main was mighty in its own way, strategically placed near the doorway. I loved how much natural light filtered into the room, this coupled with the table lamp from Wayfair and the Crystal floor lamp from Pottery Barn, the lighting options were well and truly taken care of.

Designer Notes

Hey Maxie, it was a treat designing your bedroom for you. I had a lot of fun translating your vision into your 'dream' bedroom. Like you wanted, I've used cool, soothing pastel colors and the Grey, Pink goes well the earthy neutral tones. The design is a perfect blend of contemporary and art deco, and the accessories that I've used bring out that sleek and sophisticated look. The Liliyana Queen Bed from Wayfair is the star of the show. It has got the right amount of flair, but at the same time, it's not an eyesore (quite the opposite, really!). I hope you enjoy your new bedroom, Maxie...I sure had a lovely time designing it for you.
Step 3

Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

One of the main reasons why I decided to go ahead with Spacejoy was the fact because of the 3D Design experience. And for a person who is decorating for the first time, it was new and rather exciting. Through the app, I could view my bedroom design almost like it was done and right in front of me, but at the same time giving me the freedom to analyze and change things around. This aspect, I think, is essential, because it allows one to be totally comfortable with all the elements of the room before proceeding with the actual design. Besides, the experience was so easy and novel - I think it’s a great feature to offer customers!

tick | Spacejoy

Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Maxie’s Bedroom

When I first spoke to Lauren about my vision, I already felt a connection with her. I knew that she would be the right person to take this design dream of mine and turn it into reality. As we progressed, each detail and every element slowly started finding their plan in the plan. The feedback process was smooth, and we didn’t have to go back and forth a lot. The detailed and interactive nature of the app helped a lot. By the time we had finalized the layout with the help of the 3D renders of the bedroom from the app, I was sure that it was going to turn out exactly how I wanted it to be.

Maxie McClintock's Room Images
After Render Images

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

This is what Maxie McClintock had to say on the final design

My bedroom needed a makeover...some real TLC, and that's what it got from this project. Being a complete amateur, I needed this extra help to ensure that the upgrade was worth it. I got what I was looking for from Spacejoy, and I couldn't have asked for a better expert to help me along the way than Lauren. And what a change! My bedroom looks amazing...Holywood almost. It's classy, contemporary and sophisticated. Lauren used the space so very well, and now it seems that there's more to it - more space, more style, more comfort, more everything. You know you've got something good going when you walk into a room and smile for no reason. Now, I feel so relaxed and happy every time I go into my bedroom. It's going to be sweet dreams from here on...thank you, Spacejoy, I can't wait to recommend you to all my family and friends.

Maxie McClintock


Shopping List

Lilyana Queen Upholstered Standard Bed

$ 579.99


Corby Table Lamp

$ 84.99

Ballard Designs

Weathered Patterns Art

$ 151.2

Ballard Designs

Weathered Patterns Art

$ 151.2

Ballard Designs

Weathered Patterns Art

$ 151.2

Pottery Barn


$ 369

West Elm

Bone Side Table

$ 199


Dobson Drawer Dresser

$ 538

Pottery Barn

Jasmine Glass Table Lamp

$ 239

Joss And Main

Boutwell 81.5" Sofa

$ 739.99

West Elm

Glass Shadow Boxes Large Square

$ 39

Joss And Main

Faux Phalaenopsis Orchids with Clay Pot

$ 193.99000549316406


Velvet Geometric Lumbar Pillow

$ 66.99

Joss And Main

Traditional Square Glass Wall Mirror

$ 51.99

Joss And Main

Keanna Moulding Picture Frame

$ 10.99


Social Call Velvet Lumbar Pillow

$ 26.99


Brassell Velvet Throw Pillow

$ 46.99


Standing Picture Frame

$ 12.99


Mika Square Velvet Throw Pillow

$ 69.99


Plush Accent Velvet Lumbar Pillow Cover

$ 32.99

Joss And Main

Jamie Sham

$ 63.38

Crate And Barrel

Bedside Alarm Clock

$ 39.95

Crate And Barrel

Mara Cream Vase Small

$ 7.47

Pottery Barn


$ 599

All Modern

Zandbergen Hand-Tufted Beige/Gray Area Rug- 6' x 9'

$ 284.99

Pottery Barn

Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover & Shams - White

$ 263

World Market

Fluent in Golds Triptych by Elinor Luna Wall Art Set of 3

$ 159.99

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